About Us

Lead InSite - The only provider of senior living website behavioral analytics with a particular focus on visitors who wish to remain anonymous, until they’re ready.

We’ve learned a great deal watching over 4 million people research senior living websites.

We’ve discovered, and proven, that nurturing visitors while they remain anonymous is a powerful way to help determine whether a particular community might be a good fit, and when it is not.

Our partners stress they aren’t interested in sacrificing quality for quantity. They’d like to talk to people who are sincerely interested in their community, who are ready to reach out and engage with them. If they can get more of these quality people in the sales process, it’s a win win.

We have developed and honed an analytics platform that uniquely addresses these desires. On top of it we’ve continually invested in our company to create the tools that proactively help website visitors find their way to the right community.

The result is a lead base richer with people who are more likely to have done their homework, more likely to engage and more likely to be well suited to you.

We’ve learned a great deal from the outside the industry. We use artificial intelligence engines and machine learning algorithms, statistics and behavioral modeling, among other fancy jargon.

At the end of the day we simply work harder than anyone to help one person at a time, on one community website at a time, find the right fit faster.