People want their questions answered before they will answer yours. ChimeMail allows anonymous visitors to contact you without using their personal information.

ChimeMail lets anonymous visitors email you with their questions, you provide the answers needed to determine if you’re a good fit.

ChimeMail communications are saved, unlike when a “chat” window closes. Don’t just answer a question, start a relationship.

ChimeMail allows communities to initiate future conversation with anonymous visitors who have contacted them previously.

ChimeMail attachments provide a way for you to share documents, images, videos and brochures with people who aren’t quite ready to enter the lead base but are showing interest.

ChimeMail Results

Even active, anonymous visitors are hesitate to provide their personal information until they’re comfortable. Don’t lose them forcing a conversion before they are ready.

Only 10-15% of your best website visitors are likely to complete a web form or pick up the phone. Boost your quality new lead capture to 20% and beyond.

ChimeMail Deliverables
• Unlimited email conversations
• Preload sharable items in secure folders
• Retain conversation history