LeadAnalytics boils down KPIs to those that make a difference, providing actionable insights, not data overload. LeadAnalytics is the only website analytics platform honed to a razor’s edge for the senior living industry.

LeadAnalytics quantifies how your website is used by new and returning anonymous visitors as well converted visitors.

LeadAnalytics provides visibility to roadblocks and content gaps, helping you prioritize improvements that impact the decision process.

LeadAnalytics creates a data treasure trove for ad hoc analysis: social media interactions, segmentation by product or service of interest and usage of interactive media tools…just to name a few.

LeadAnalytics Results
Your website is the only marketing tool you have that is 100% within your control, make it the most powerful.

LeadAnalytics Deliverables
• Continuous analytical reporting
• Consulting advice and support